Wire is a modern, node-based work station packed with all the tools to create and shape inspiring visual performances. Real-time shader programming and an extensive collection of effects make this the swiss army knife of live visuals.


Audio and Video in Sync

Wire has been built with completely synchronous audio and video in its DNA. Generating live visuals based on audio, or the other way around, is as simple as dragging a single cord.

With a host of included and ever-growing effects, Wire provides you with numerous and intuitive ways for creating audiovisual live art.

Real-time Shader Editing

Freely edit your OpenGL shaders and watch Wire update its inputs on the fly. Any of your shader's parameters can then be modulated by other patch signals. Wire is not just a real-time shader editor, but uniquely a shader performance tool as well.

Smooth User Interface

A modern interface guiding you in creating your art. We've spent a lot of time on keeping Wire's layout simple and clean, and it shows. Ease-of-use, without complex bells and whistles, for complete focus on your work.


Use OpenSoundControl and MIDI to control your patches with hardware controllers, your phone and over a network.

Ableton Link and MIDI Clock

Wire syncs up with and Ableton Link and MIDI clock, tightly integrating your patch with fellow musicians and performers.