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Audiovisual Tools



Wire is a plug-and-play patching bay for audiovisual art. Real-time shader programming and an extensive collection of effects make this the swiss army knife of live visuals.

To be released early 2018.

Focus One Audio Plugin

Focus One

The Focus One is a powerful signature audio plugin we developed in collaboration with the Sick Individuals. Containing some of our top-of-the-line audio effects, it makes your synths cut through the mix and tightens up your beats!

Who We Are

Moditone develops software for audiovisual art.

We are a software company developing audio plugins, synthesizers, VJ software and more. With experience in digital signal processing and modern C++, our blend between technology and art is both high-performant and artistic.

In collaboration with industry-leading professionals we create custom solutions for their work processes. Our most recent endeavour is the Focus One (AudioUnit/VST) for the Sick Individuals, but more is in the pipeline!

Our own house-made Wire provides visual artists the ability to create stunning live visuals tightly integrated with music and sound. The platform provides new and intuitive ways of using effects, shaders, mesh rendering and audio analysis, and is slated to be released early 2018.